Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irish wishes... from the non irish Megan!

I spent the entire week spreading irish cheer through my spin classes.... and today was the final one for 2013!

off to their last cheer competition - St. Joes

we were waiting to drop the girls (Angela, Elyse, Leah, and Sarah) at Poquessing to catch their bus to St. Joes...

Elyse at the cheer competition

awards time

Congrats to the LSAA girls... both the peewees and minis placed first in their divisions!!
What a great way to end the season!
After the girls were done we headed to Hooters for a celebratory dinner!

40 year Married....

It is hard to believe that my parents have made it to the 40 year mark.  They have conquered so many challenges and I give them alot of credit for making it.  We threw them a luncheon for the family and friends... and it was a huge surprise.

cutting their cake

and feeding each other cake

cheering at DVC

Elyse and Leah watching the varsity cheerleaders for LSAA

awards time...

first place for the pee wees (Angela and Sarah's team)

and it was another first place for the mini pee wees (Elyse and Leah)

it was supposed to be sunny today...

but this is what it looked like by early afternoon!

Leah and Elyse had a blast making a snowman... actually several of them!

cheering at Kendron

this is the mini-peewee team (Elyse's)

and this is Angela's team (the peewees)

a boxing good time

Angela and Sarah were having a great time boxing at Bouncing off the walls.

Lets go LSAA Cheerleaders!

The girls are loving cheering for LSAA.  This was right before heading out to their first competition!

Happy Valentines Day!

starting them young...

I stopped over at the BOX with the girls to see one of my friends, and Angela says "mom, I want to hold that big hammer and stand on the tire"....

and Elyse said "can I do dips?"

must be in their blood...

yes, I can climb the rope

I have been doing crossfit for a few months and finally got the hang of the rope...

full capacity spin class

all I could say was wow...

the best part of living on a hill...

you don't need much snow to go sledding

a new family member....

We welcomed Miss Emily to our family and she fit in nicely.  She quickly made friends with Ollie and the cats are totally fine with her.  She's sooooooo cute!!

Miss Emily...

it's girl scout cookie time!

get them while they last!

all aboard!!

On January 19th, we flew to florida and boarded the Norweigan Epic for an eight day cruise of the eastern carribean!  We were soo excited about a fantastic vacation to come!!

the girls ready to hit the pool on the EPIC

yeah, it is hot tub time...

grandmom relaxing on the pool deck

welcome to St. Martin
It truely was fantastic... a dream vacation!
to see all the vacation pictures, click this link and view the beauty of the carribean!!

pre vacation mani and pedis

all packed and ready to go!

not too bad considering we are going away for 8 days and have 4 people!

who need directions

I dug out my "old school legos" from my parents' house and the girls were shocked to see there were "no step by step directions".  We created a hospital, an ambulance, and sign for the hospital.  The girls have been enjoying all of their legos - old and new!

a new year spin

amazingly we had nearly a full class on new years day....